The Hispanic community is disproportionately affected by COVID-19.
In an effort to recognize the ceaseless work Hispanics are doing to
this country and to facilitate help to those in need,
we are kicking off
a Hispanic Star Month of Action to support those impacted by this pandemic. 

Check out who has started taking action


Houston HUB

Deliver food for families affected by COVID-19

The Hispanic Star Houston Hub will be supporting our Hispanic community in Houston and Katy by donating 2,500 fruit and vegetables mixed bags, impacting 5,000 people affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Washington DC HUB

Support latina-owned small businesses

The Washington DC Hub Biz Recovery Campaign is focused on raising $15,000

The money raised will be used to provide one month’s rent to 3 local Latina small business owners. In addition, these 3 businesses will receive business strategy and financial literacy to help them become resilient business owners.

New York HUB

Provide internet access to Hispanic students and families.

With 12% of Hispanic Households still without Internet Access, this is a priority issue to tackle in NYC as the future of Public Education is unknown due to COVID-19.

The NYC Hub will acquire and install 10,000 routers to help Hispanic students finish their school years and prepare for a potential virtual fall term.

New Jersey HUB

Support Hispanic small business owners in the new normal

The Hispanic Star New Jersey Hub will offer support to Hispanic small business owners to pivot their strategies to adjust to the new normal and comply with safety regulations. As part of this effort it’s also raising funds to adopt 5 business and cover 1 month of rent. 

Miami HUB

Deliver food for families affected by COVID-19

The Miami Hub is mobilizing efforts to support and show appreciation for our Healthcare heroes and Hispanic-owned small businesses in South Florida.

Our goal is to impact the lives of more than 10,000 Hispanics and we need you to accomplish it.

Chicago HUB

Deliver food for families affected by COVID-19

The Chicago Hub is donating more than 2,500 boxes of food and products to families significantly affected by COVID-19. 

Austin HUB

The Austin Texas Hub Health Equity/Access Campaign is focused on raising funding $5000

Hispanic Star Austin Hub is raising $5,000 to support health-care co-pays to the most vulnerable and impacted Latinx populations in Austin, Texas. Currently, 1 in 4 working-age Hispanic/Latinx adults have no primary healthcare provider and are disproportionately uninsured.

These funds will support COVID impacted adults with funding for co-pays, well check-ups or visits to see a health provider. With the help of our city partners, organizations and caring Austinites, Hispanic Star Austin Hub will be able to positively impact the lives of thousands of Hispanics/Latinos in the Austin area.

Denver HUB

Assist financially families affected by COVID-19

The Denver Hub will raise funds among local partners to financially assist 50 Hispanic families by covering their utility bills up to $250.

Dallas HUB

Job searching support and local resources 

Will host a job searching/support webinar with some programming beforehand that involves getting together a list of local resources for people out of work and crowdsource content suggestions from participants to make sure it’s as targeted and useful as possible.

Salt Lake City

Deliver food for families affected by COVID-19

The Salt Lake City Hub Campaign is focused on raising $8,500.

The money raised will be used to provide grocery boxes for up to 1,000 of the most vulnerable and impacted households in our state.

Philadelphia HUB

Raise support funding for students impacted by COVID-19

To raise relief funds for students who may have been directly impacted by COVID-19. Amounts awarded will be calculated after campaign, but we have a goal of at least $1,500 for three individual awards of $500. Funds will be awarded directly by Prospanica Drexel.

Los Angeles HUB

Funding for children books about diversity and racism. 

Hispanic Star LA Hub is raising $10,000 to flood the beautiful city of Los Angeles (and beyond) with diverse children’s books that are sold by people of color, written by people of color and feature diverse racial identities to help break the cycle of racism. With the help of partner experts, organizations and authors, Hispanic Star will distribute children’s books ages newborn to 12 years old that represent all ethnicities.




Give funding, food, essential products, or PPE to local projects or organizations supporting Hispanics.



Clap for your healthcare workers, thank essential workers, show your appreciation using #HispanicStarInAction



Create a project with your company or ERG to activate together and support the community. Volunteer virtually or safely help with local efforts.


Procter & Gamble is donating
Personal Protective Equipment and product

to Hispanic essential workers and families in need.


Pepsico is distributing +80,000 cases of Frito-Lay
product to grassroots organizations through the Hispanic Star;

and announced a $1 million donation to UnidosUS and an $6 million donation to target 15 of the nation’s hardest-hit metro areas with high Latino and Black populations.


Shaklee is providing 10,000 job opportunities

and donating 10,000 hours of training and volunteering.


IBM is providing educational resources in
English, Spanish and Portuguese

through FREE Open P-TECH launch.


Tell your story

America is made up of stars, Hispanics are one of them. Hispanics in the U.S. should be seen, heard and valued. Their stories must be told and showcased.